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Hi there, this is my blog to keep myself motivated to make the best health choices for me, while getting a kick ass body.

There is no substance on earth that can make you feel better than the rush you get after a great work out.

live life confidently and happily because others view you as you view yourself.

5 foot 8 inches tall.

vtur asked: haha, okay, no more anon :) <3

haha thank you turbo slut! 

hahahahahaha I meant that in the most respectful way possible


Anonymous asked: no no no no, thank YOU for sharing your journey with us. it's truly inspirational. you don't know how many pro-ana sites i've stumbled upon before finding ONE healthy one (yours). thanks thanks thanks <3

Well i’m really glad to help :) I wish you weren’t anon so I could follow you! But none the less thank you for the support :)

perfectballerina-deactivated201 asked: What did you do to accomplish this? like running..dvds..idk what to do anymore!

I tried to focus on what I liked to do (regarding workouts) because from january to march I tried to do the boring cookie cutter workouts (p90x) and I thought I was going to kill myself from boredom. So I started doing active stuff that I really liked, I signed up for a rock climbing class at the rec center at my Univ. and I took a zumba class and loved it and I also play squash with my roommate.

Im not saying that I go completely away from traditional workouts I do lifts 3 times a week with my team (I play college softball) but I really noticed the change in my body in the past 3 months when I started to try to have fun with what I was doing. 

I think when you are having fun you put more into the workout… but that is just my two sense.

haha so that was my little rant… I hope this helps.

Anonymous asked: i just saw the picture of the before and after pictures. from march to may. how did you do it?? you look amazzzzzzing

First of all… thank you so much. I really appreciate the love that everyone is so willing to give. 

I really try to have fun with my workouts and try to eat healthy with out skipping my favorite foods because I think the food is the most important of trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle. I basically just switched to whole grain and leaner meats as well as cutting out sodas and fruit juices. Oh and I gave away my scale ( I gained 5 pounds during this whole thing). 

best life choice ever.

I’m here if you have any other questions.

Thanks again :)

tigersfitlife asked: you go girl! :)

Thank you so much… it really means a lot to me that every one is so supportive. Thankyouthankyouthankyou :)

Anonymous asked: tell us what you do/did to get such a great body!!!

I eat delicious food (strategically) and try to exercise a lot. I try to have fun when i’m working out because I tried the boring regimens and the only thing that did for me was make me sad because I kept stopping (I have a really hard time doing things I don’t want to do). So I keep it fun and put my all in to each work out because I love the sense of accomplishment.

Ahh i’ve also kind of forgotten about the weight thing (I gained 5 pounds in this process) so that is a big thing. As long as I feel like i’m making some sort of progress i’m happy.

fitterslimmerleanermeaner-deact asked: Hey, I just wanted to ask... what's your daily calorie intake like?

hmmm… i actually don’t count calories.

what I do is designate certain food groups to certain meals. So every day we know we have to eat carbs, protein, fats, fruits and veggies etc… 

So I eat primarily carbs, proteins, and fats for breakfast. Because these foods are high in calories you want to eat them in the beginning of the day so your body can use them for nutrition as well as burn these calories first. So eggs and pancakes and all of the delicious breakfast food is fair game… as long as you try to limit the sugary syrups and jams and drinks as well as refined flour ( whole grain is best) . I love oatmeal and eggs and wheat toast with bananas and honey in the morning.

For snacks I always have some sort of veggie or fruit and a little protein. Apples and peanut butter are my fav

Lunch you want to start to move away from carbs and go to mostly protein and veggies and maybe a bit of pasta or rice or something. Sandwiches are always good with a side salad.

Fruit is also a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For dinner I usually have a really lean protein and a lot of veggies. I love a great salad and maybe some chicken or fish or something yummy like that.

The main thing is to eat food that tastes good and that you can enjoy, I never ever eat a meal that I don’t want to eat.

I eat until i’m full and I try to do something that makes me sweat at least once a day.

I hope this helps… I’m more than happy to help with any other questions you have!

thekatybug-deactivated20120415 asked: Your body looks so strong and healthy!

Thank you so much, you just made my day! I was really nervous about putting it up but I knew that everyone was going to be really supportive about it.

Thanks again <3

From March 15, 2011 to May 28&#160;2011
I&#8217;ve come quite a way but still not exactly where I want to be&#8230;. im really happy with results. 
In 3 months I&#8230;
lost 6 inches
gained 5 pounds&#8230; of muscle
learned to love my body for what it is.
If I can do it, you can too.
love you guys,
p.s. I love Ben Affleck haha 

From March 15, 2011 to May 28 2011

I’ve come quite a way but still not exactly where I want to be…. im really happy with results. 

In 3 months I…

lost 6 inches

gained 5 pounds… of muscle

learned to love my body for what it is.

If I can do it, you can too.

love you guys,


p.s. I love Ben Affleck haha